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Curated On An Exclusive Basis For Scratch Golf Clubhouse Members Only

“The Enso_Golf Collection”_edited.jpg

There is a Japanese Zen Buddhist painting technique called “enso,” where the artist must learn to master painting a circle in just one brush stroke. Golf, enso and my painting technique to create the “Zen of Golf” series all can only be mastered when the mind is liberated from constraint and we achieve a “thoughtless perfect stroke.”

Zen and the Art of Golf

_Profane Cow_ by Bravo  (Painting)_edited.jpg

Bravo calls his style of painting “transcendental expressionism,” and it is the foundation of Bravo’s unique approach to working from the subliminal mind and tapping directly into the collective consciousness. 

"Profane Cow"

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 12.53.44 PM.png

The surreal eroticism of  “This is How We Do It” expresses both Bravo’s unrepressed sexual imagination, as well as his offbeat sense of humor, as the artist steps aside and watches us, the perceivers of his painting, grapple with our own perverse interpretations of what we see.

"This Is How We Do It"

“The Creator” by Bravo with Original Music by Ryan Seay NFT.png

There is an almost spiritual quality to this minimalist yet deeply moving ambient art piece Bravo created in collaboration with Ryan Seay, an electronic composer, trombonist and sound healer who Bravo first met in 2014 and whose soundbaths played an instrumental role in Bravo’s spiritual and artistic awakening. 

"The Creator"

Desert Angel_Official for Website.JPG

Called “a modern-day “Birth of Venus,” this outstanding photograph is a testament to Bravo’s ability to create instantly recognizable contemporary iconography- eternal images that become part of our shared cultural mythos. 

"Look Homeward, Angel"

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