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 “Photographer.” “Painter.” “Writer.” “Filmmaker.”  “Multi-media artist.” "medium." "Channeler."  “Humanist.” “Visionary.”  Somehow, not one of those really describes Bravo Valenti, who first and foremost considers himself “an unlikely mystical artist.” 


Bravo says “unlikely” because he both unexpectedly became an artist very late in life- at age 57!-  and unexpectedly discovered the “mystical” aspect of art immediately.  It’s a journey he documents in his forthcoming semi-autobiographical book, “Thank You. I Love You.” to be released shortly on The book is sure to be controversial as it challenges many of our assumptions about humanity’s future, the future of our planet and the role of artists in our society. 


Bravo has been featured in Apple News, and Photo LA. He now splits his time between Los Angeles and the state of Bahia, Brazil, where he is working on his most ambitious project yet- an eco-conscious retreat set on 20 unspoiled acres on a pristine river.  Bravo promises a retreat unlike any other, where artists, healers, thought leaders and world travelers can create and explore how art, nature and technology can work together to heal our planet and ourselves.

Bravo Valenti

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