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Psychic Portraits

"Past lives. Future incarnations. Ancient ancestry. Soul journeys. Karma. Energy. All of these are vibrations that I channel at different times for different people, from my closest friends to total strangers, to celebrities. When I am commissioned to create a psychic portrait, I spend time with the person I will be portraying, to feel their energy and get connected. I may photograph them, or use one of their photos. I may end up creating one portrait, or several. It may be of past lives, or future ones, or something else entirely about them. But one thing is certain - it will be a portrait unlike any other and a highly valued heirloom. Its energy will fill more than a room - it will fill your life with new meaning." 

-Bravo Valenti 

"An open sixth chakra can enable clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, and visualization."
-Deepak Chopra
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