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 “Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.”- Arnold Palmer

Eight Fine Art Prints in a Limited Edition of Only 25 per Print. Each hand-signed and numbered, with a signed Certificate of Authenticity 


Custom printed on cold-press acid-free Italian fine art paper. 9” x 12” (paper size). Framed-size: 13” x 17” Sold custom-framed*  


*choice of  black or white frame with a choice of museum-quality non-reflective plexiglass or glass with UV protection. Offered as a Complete Set Only: $14,500 (shipping and handling not included)

Limited Edition

For those looking to own a single print from the collection:

 there is an additional limited edition of a larger “Zen of Golf No. 1”

 Size: 26” x 35”  

Only 25 hand-signed and numbered prints in the edition. Sold unframed, with a

signed Certificate of Authenticity.


Size: 4 feet by 6 feet 


Only 5 hand-signed and numbered prints in the edition. Sold unframed, with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Price: $4750


Shipping and handling not included.


The eight original “Zen of Golf” paintings from which these prints are made were commissioned by Scratch Golf Clubhouse- a new, ultra-private golfer’s lounge limited to only thirty members, opening in Westwood, California in late 2024, where they will be exhibited together with an exclusive selection of other paintings and photography by Bravo. When commissioned to create this series, the club’s owners specifically asked the artist to work within his “transcendental expressionist” style of black and white abstract paintings, keeping with the club’s modernist décor.  Bravo immediately felt the connection between his painting process of “letting go of the mind to get the perfect stroke,” with both golf and Japanese Zen Buddhist art.


The artist explains the ancient Japanese Zen Buddhist concept of “enso” and how it relates to golf and his “transcendental expressionist” style of painting:


“In Japanese Zen Buddhist art, there is a painting technique called “enso,” where a circle is made in one simple brushstroke. The enso circle symbolizes “mu,” which means the void, or nothingness, and represents the aesthetics of Zen minimalism. The circle is a representation of the mind reaching a paradoxical state of fullness and emptiness.  Each “Zen of Golf” painting was created with a minimal number of “enso-like” brushstrokes, each performed in a split second. Interestingly, the Japanese are famously avid golfers and Japan has the second most golf courses in the world.”


For more information about “Zen of Golf” or to place an order, please contact us here, or text the artist's studio at 323-217-7444. The original paintings are available only as a complete set. 


Please note: All prices subject to change without notice.

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