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“The Enso/Golf Collection”



Ten Signed, Original Paintings by Artist Bravo Valenti

9” x 12” (Image size)

Acrylic paint on cold-press acid-free Italian fine art paper. 

Offered custom-framed.


Scratch Golf Clubhouse- the ultra-private, members-only golfer’s lounge- has proudly selected Los Angeles multi-media artist Bravo Valenti’s paintings, photography and NFT’s to exclusive decorate their walls during the club’s inauguration. Scratch also commissioned Bravo to create a series of golf-inspired paintings in the artist’s “transcendental expressionist” style- intense brushstrokes of black acrylic paint on white paper.  Bravo immediately felt the connection between his painting process of “letting go of the mind” with both golf and Japanese calligraphy, creating this iconic series.


Speaking from his studio in Los Angeles, artist Bravo Valenti explains the ancient Japanese Zen Buddhist concept of “enso” and how it is related to golf and his “transcendental expressionist” style of painting:


“Enso” is a Japanese Zen Buddhist painting technique where a circle is usually made in one simple brush stroke. Golf, enso, and my painting technique all can only be mastered when the mind is liberated from constraint.  The enso circle symbolizes mu, which means the void, or nothingness, and represents the aesthetics of Zen minimalism. The enso is also thought to help with meditation practice. The circle is a representation of the mind reaching a paradoxical state of fullness and emptiness. Interestingly, the Japanese are famously avid golfers and Japan has the second most golf courses in the world. Each painting in my “Enso/Golf Series” was created with a minimal number of enso-like brushstrokes, each performed in a split second, without ‘thinking.”


The original signed custom-framed paintings may exclusively be acquired by contacting the management of Scratch Clubhouse.  They are available only as a complete set. This is a limited time offer, exclusively to members of Scratch Golf Clubhouse. The artist’s proceeds from the sale will go towards Bravo’s ongoing work to create an eco-conscious healing arts retreat on 20 preserved acres of native Atlantic Forest on the pristine Tiba River in Bahia, Brazil.


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