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“The Creator” by Bravo with Original Music by Ryan Seay NFT



“The Creator” Limited Edition Photograph Series

A series of limited edition prints

To Be Released in February of 2024

Pre-order now, exclusive to Scratch members. No deposit required.



There is an almost spiritual quality to this minimalist yet deeply moving ambient art piece Bravo created in collaboration with Ryan Seay, an electronic composer, trombonist and sound healer who Bravo first met in 2014 and whose soundbaths played an instrumental role in Bravo’s spiritual and artistic awakening.  Ryan’s music subtly moves between calming to stirring while Bravo’s images subliminally lure us into a dreamy yet highly imaginative state of mind.  There is something going on here, and we are not quite sure what it is, as we simply allow “The Creator” to set the mood and guide us, whether it is playing while we are relaxing at home, doing yoga, working or sitting on an airplane watching on our mobile phone.  Those who have experienced it say it is “transformative,” “relaxing,” “uplifting,” “connective.”  


Bravo often says he shoots his photographs with his “third eye camera” and nowhere is this more evident than in this deceptively simple series of sunset shots taken at Laguna Beach, California, that make us feel we are inside the photograph while simultaneous being outside the photograph.  Yet, there is actually nothing simple about them, and within the individual photographs, as well as in their sequencing, Bravo masterfully plays with how depth of field, focal points, blur, sunlight and colors affect our optical nerve, while Ryan Seay’s score carries us on subtly shifting emotional waves that together create a hand-mind-eye massage that will unlock your inner flame and remove emotional blockages.


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