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"Profane Cow" by Bravo (Painting)



Signed, original painting.

 Acrylic on canvas paper. 

5 feet by 6 feet (unframed)


Sold framed, with a certificate of authenticity. 

Available for a limited time on an exclusive basis to Scratch Clubhouse members only.


Bravo calls his style of painting “transcendental expressionism,” and it is the foundation of Bravo’s unique approach to working from the subliminal mind and tapping directly into the collective consciousness.  His collectors often share stories of how they have had unexpected experiences and even received uncanny messages through Bravo’s art.  “My paintings are not static images. As your mind and eye reconfigure what may at first seem random and chaotic, you will discover a tapestry rich in images, symbols and spirits, and the painting will become a sort of portal through which you will travel, some figuratively and others quite literally,” the artist explains.  


“For me, art- even religious art- is profane,” Bravo explains about the piece’s title.  “We worship art as the infinite reflection of what it means to be human, without any restrictions. Think of this painting as millions of fragments of mirrors and over time they will reflect back at you, like scenes in an infinitely evolving movie.”


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