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"Telepathic Portrait of Brian" by Bravo (Print with Documentation)



Rare print on acid free fine art paper. Signed.

12" x 9"


This rare item is a print of an historic drawing that documents the beginning of Bravo's mystical journey, at first with telepathy, then into mediumship. It comes with further photographic documentation of the historic encounter between Bravo and the subject of the portrait, and includes a discussion via Zoom with the artist about the meaning of his experience that led up to this "telepathic drawing." A rare opportunity to meet the artist and own a rare work of art that also documents a seminal moment in understanding human consciousness. All items presented in a custom made collector's heirloom box. The print itself is framed in the buyer's choice of white or black hardwood frame with non-reflective plexi or glass and comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist.


Tax - cali sales tax West Hollywood (9.5%)

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