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Psychic Portrait of Corey (Digital Drawing)



Digital drawing printed on fine art paper

18" x 24"

Price: $1500.00

Price includes time spent with the artist, photography session, multiple drawings and Bravo's "reading" of the portrait. Please read the full description below. Price quoted is for your own commissioned psychic portrait, not a print of the psychic portrait shown here for example purposes only. Prints are not sold of "psychic portraits" unless agreed to by the subject and are typically for the subject's general collection, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Each "psychic portrait" is created by the artist as a "channeling," that may include Bravo's readings of past lives, future events, ancestral guides and more. Each portrait is commissioned by the subject and portraits are generally done by the artist from a photograph provided by the subject or specially photographed by Bravo. Bravo's reading from the portrait is printed on acid-free paper in a bound booklet, delivered in an heirloom custom-made box, with details from the portrait where Bravo notes the "signs" within the portrait that inflenced his reading. An experience like no other, each portrait is a family heirloom and Bravo's readings have been called "uncanny," "life-changing," "amazing," and "Beyond unbelievable. Bravo knew things about me only I knew or felt, and having my portrait and reading done by him has been one of the greatest experiences of my life." Each portrait is delivered custom framed, after discussion with the artist, and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.


Tax - cali sales tax West Hollywood (9.5%)

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